Adding Tags

iBeacon tags are the most important part of the system. These are the RFID tags that are tracked by the system. When a tag is near a reader it picks up the location of that reader.

Categories need to be created prior to adding tags.

1) Select tags from the left menu of the admin portal. Only admin users can add tags.

2) Select "Add"

Import allows the admin to upload a CSV file of tags for bulk operations.

3) Enter the tag MAC address. This is a 6 byte number. For AirFinder brand tags, the MAC ID is printed on the tag. If you are adding other iBeacon tags that do not have a MAC ID label, you must use the Android application to scan the Bluetooth tag MAC ID.

Select the category.

Brand, model number, and serial number are free form fields. It is important to develop your own concept for how these fields will be used.

Serial number is the field that is most used elsewhere in the application.

The "Track Tag Age" function allows you to monitor the age of tags in order to replace tags whose battery life is set to expire. Check with your BLE tag manufacturer for estimated battery life.


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