Adding Readers

This article explains how to add a reader to the AirFinder system.

At least one Zone must be created prior to adding a reader. See "Creating Zones"

1) Ensure that you are in the "Admin" view by clicking the "Admin" button in the upper right. Then select Readers from the left menu.

2) Click "Add"

The Import function allows the user to upload a CSV file of readers as a bulk operation.

3) Input the Reader address. This is the reader MAC address, which begins with $301$. It must be input exactly as it appears on the label in order for the reader to function.

The "Room Location" text will appear throughout the application as the location associated with that reader. This should be a name that clearly describes the place where this reader will be installed.

The Zone should be selected from the list of available Zones. Zones can be changed after a reader has been added.


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